Course Eligibility Criteria.

We are offering free classes for all those who do not have the money to pay the course fees. Classes will take place both offline and online.


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Skill-Based Education

In Fight2rights, there are some eligibility criteria to get admission for free courses. It is advised that the candidates applying for the Skill-Based course should go through the fight2rights eligibility criteria before filling the application form. 

Those who are 17 years of age or older can apply for our course, for this at least twelfth pass is required. Before admission, we take the 100 number exam. After that we issue a merit list based on the seats, if you are successful in making your place in this list then you will be eligible for admission.

We offer the following skill-based courses with our educational partner.  

1. IT  and Technical Course.  2. Agriculture based course.  3. Media & Entertainment.  4. Beauty & Wellness.  5. Sports training.  Tourism.  6. Healthcare.  7. Food Technician.  8. Electronics.

 Our Skill-Based Educational Partner:-  Free2Learn School of India | | Contact: - +91-9999653849

Primary Education

You can apply for all children who do not go to school and all those children who leave school due to poverty. "Join FIGHT2RIGHTS and help us reach as many children as possible."
Education is the right of all, that no one should get out of it.

Any person who cannot raise money to teach their children can apply for it, your child must be at least 7 years old and your annual income should be 2 lakh or less.

We offer the following primary education courses with our educational partner. 

1. Self-awareness.  2. Behavior development.  3. logical Intelligence development.  4. Importance of democracy.  5. Humanism.  6. Importance of the environment.  7. Health & well being. 

 Our Primary Education Partner:-  Helping to People Foundation | | Contact: - +91-9999653849

Social Education

Anyone can participate in our social education courses. We are running a lot of courses for humanism and socialism so that we develop a moral and healthy society.

In these days, in our society, humans have evils like anxiety and drug addiction and haughtiness or nervousness, more hatred is saw than love. Our society is gradually losing its logical power, misuse of technology has become our habit, we give time to our friends but not to mother and father. We are running the following courses to defeat these bad habits. Help us fight these immoral habits.

We offer the following social education courses with our educational partner. 

1. Human Rights awareness.  2. Ideal Politics  & Democracy.  3. Anxiety and Stress. 4. Humanism v/s Socialism.  5. Health & Fitness.  6. Food and Diets.  7. Happiness & Goodness.

 Our Social Educational Partner:-  Fight2Rights  | | Contact: - +91-9999653849